Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do I need a partner to join a class?
  • Q. Is there a dress code to classes?
  • Q. How can I find an instructor for private lessons?
  • Q. I can’t find a Class or Social to book?
  • Q. What’s the practice fee for?
  • Q. How do I book Wedding Dances?

A. Most classes don’t require partners to join.

A. We recommend comfortable clothing or practice wear. Practice shoes, dance heels, or ballroom shoes for men are recommended. You can ask the front desk or a instructor for shoe recommendations.

A. Call or visit the studio and discuss your dance goals and interests with the front desk or the owner. We can make appropriate recommendations.

A. Some classes and activities are organized by a third party. These events can be booked at the door. For more information please contact the organizer directly through their social media.


A. Couples who need a space to practice can pay the hourly, daily, or monthly fee to use our space. Floor space and music are shared with other dancers in the room.

A. Wedding Dances need to be discussed directly with the instructor. They will be booked according to the availability of the teacher and the couple.